The Cone of Power

“(Cone of Power)….. This is a force created by a group of people with one determined mind, dedicated to performing a single magical action.”
-1976, “A Ring of Magical Islands,” by Sybil and Stephen Leek

The above statement is probably the most succinct definition of what a “Cone of Power” is that I have ever read. It accurately describes what it is when it is used.

Tremendous amounts of projective psychic power can be raised by a coven of witches if they are a well-oiled machine. That is why sometimes finding a traditional coven to work in can be difficult, as all members of the group must be able to work together as one mind. That is why in my personal opinion, a well-functioning group of three witches working as one mind can always overpower a mass-mob of 200 witches any day.

The methods to organize and effectively raise a Cone of Power in the best and most proper ways are still considered a secret to this day and each coven may have its own specially developed ways of effectively sending the power that works best for them.  The methods used are simple, but much more advanced than what you sometimes see in pop-culture that can sometimes be called: “light a candle and say some words.”

Sometimes tools and props are used to set the space of the magical operation the coven agrees to undertake and at other times, when the psychic link is strong enough, no tools and props are necessary.

It is just as powerful now as it was in the stories and tales that include witches raising power to defeat the Spanish Armada in 1588 from invading England and also its second attempt where weather manipulation is said to have been used. (See our article that briefly touches on Weather Magic in the blog about “Council Cup”)

Also, the same goes for the stories of the various witches working during WWII to stop the Nazi invasion of Britain and was worked in the New Forest of Britain which is located along the south coast of England. This time, the methods that are said to have been used was to implant the thought that an invasion would not be successful – the implanting of doubt. This method is akin to what may be described as inducing hypnosis at its finest: Long range hypnotism by using a collective and concentrated form of telepathy.

Producing a “Cone of Power” is hard work. The production of the Cone of Power can be debilitating to your own life force. Various levels of effort is required depending on the severity of the need.

Most traditional groups have well-tested methods that have been proven time and time again, but that doesn’t mean that new methods of doing this are not discovered from time to time.

One of the main reasons for writing this article is to help the seeker find a coven that is right for them. Ask yourself, will I be able to work as “one mind” with these folks? That means that you have to abide by the old saying of: “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

This also means that it could be recommended that all folks within the inner coven must be of the same mind on various things in life. If they are not, the best thing to do is try to find a coven that you would be best suited. It is possible to have different thought processes and still participate on the outer circle of a coven too. There exit many “rings” to coven membership.

Blessed Be!


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