Prayer, Meditation and Witchcraft

A common misconception is that a witch doesn’t pray.  Some folks might think that a witch only casts spells.

While witches do cast spells, we also pray as well; and we do so for the many reasons that folks of any other religion may do so for.

We typically do not get down on our knees and pray at the edge of our beds.  We may not even close our eyes and may or may not bow our heads.

Prayers and blessings are spoke either in coven or when alone, but I believe that most prayers of witches are spoken when they are alone and away from all noise and other folks.  We typically don’t pray in public, in front of others for meals outside of our coven, but typically do them in a quiet and respectful manner when alone with our God and Goddess.

You can spill your heart out in closed chambers and by yourself whereas you may be more reserved when in the company of others.  It is these times we are pulled closer to the Lord and to the Lady.

Long and drawn out prayers do not make them more or less successful.  A heartfelt prayer should bring relief.  Even if the situation does not immediately clear up on its own, the prayer should bring relief.

In some ways, quiet sessions where you speak to yourself or out loud could be deemed a form of a prayer, as it can have the same the same calming effect to the mind.

As a witch in the Horsa Tradition, prayer is important as we are taught a set of prayers that can be used either as is, or as invocations and incantations.  (depends on how we use them)  But we also learn prayer is not the be-all, end-all, for Sybil Leek taught the following important message in one of her best-selling book:

collection of leek books

“…I learned that there was a difference between prayer and meditation.  In prayer one asks the Deity to listen while she talks; in meditation one listens while the Deity speaks.  I have found that many people use prayer almost as a demand to achieve something when meditation might lead them to understand what would be best for them.” -1968, Prentice-Hall, “Diary of a Witch,” written by Sybil Leek

So these are truly some wise words here that may give us a secret glimpse – a path of balance with our gods – both listening and speaking.


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