Impactful Prayer at a Blot

Even though our coven is a British Coven, that does not mean we are not at times interested in experiences from a non-British source.

Many years ago, I attended an open ritual in the country at a location that at one time frequently hosted various rituals from a variety of groups: Witchcraft, Druid, O.T.O., and Heathen.

One particular ritual I attended was called a “Blot.”

Now I am very far removed from what happens at a Heathen ritual, specifically what happens at ritual for those that follow the Asatru religion; but one memory stuck out to me on this particular day.

First, I will try the best I can to describe what it means to attend a blot by at least describing what I saw on this day.

A few other the members of this group rode into the ritual area on top of the hill by horseback. Watching this was majestic in itself seeing the colorful outfits they had worn while riding in on horseback.

After stepping down from the horses, they opened up the Blot by striking a large anvil with a hammer.

The gods were then invoked at an altar and a fire was built close to the altar.

At this time during the Blot, anyone could offer up to the gods their choice of offering in exchange for wishes/prayers to the future. For example, I remember seeing on a number of occasions ritual mead being drunk and the remainder poured on to the ground with prayers of petitions for what they wished to receive.

As a witch, I understood what they were doing as a valid way of releasing power. It is typically not the way we do it as one of the Wica, but it is a valid method itself. It is a “bargain with the gods” if you like. It also recognizes the “Law of Conservation of Energy” and the basics of physics that says that nothing can be created or destroyed, but merely transmuted.

In metaphysical terms, I could describe the act of pouring an offering to the gods, not only as a way of releasing the energy, but asking the gods to take energy, shape it and create a strong impression of astral light that must be balanced out, which then collapses into matter via the gods granting the wish in order to reconcile and balance out the strain of power released.

For if everything has a spirit within it, then destroying an object by smashing it, burning it, burying it or pouring it on to the ground, you in effect sacrifice it (make it “sacred”) because it has power and worth within it.

During the Blot itself, a woman approached the fire and was in tears. She took out a knife and cut a large portion of her pony tail. As she continued to cry, she expressed a desire for healing for a relative that was facing cancer.

She then offered it up to the fire.

During her tears and her prayer and action of sacrifice, the ritual space just poured with power from something that was in the ground. The gods heard her most fervent request and prayer.

I don’t know what the outcome of her offering to fire during the Blot ceremony was, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that the individual mentioned in the prayer had made a full recovery.

Over the years, I have continued to think back to this particular woman, whom I have never met and possibly may never see again; but her impactful prayer to her gods made an extraordinary impact on my life – and one to this day that I most likely may never forget as long as I live.

It is strange how certain magical prayers and petitions people make to their gods can serve as such a ripple effect to never be forgotten…….

After all the sacrifices were made to the gods, they ended with a ritual called a symbul. The purpose of this was to share in libation as a form of ritual toast. The mightily large cup full of ale was passed around many times indeed following that and it was good indeed.

So what lesson did I learn at the end of this?

One of the biggest l think that I learned from this experience is to make your petitions and prayers to the gods impactful. Don’t waste time praying for trivial things you can do with just hard work…. Nature gave us our brain for a reason!

When we pray or ask petitions of the gods, make them impactful.

Instead of asking for so many things like you are writing a grocery list, how about prayers of thanksgiving? The more and more that we receive, the more we should  be thankful for.

Blessed Be!


One thought on “Impactful Prayer at a Blot”

  1. The blot description here makes me smile, looks like they had a good sense of theatrics too! A blot really can look very differently from group to group and time to time, the only thing that really stays the same is the offering itself. The surrounding ceremony then? Completely dependant on what makes sense to the people involved, there are no set rules to follow.

    My own personal blot practice tend to be very simple, as a contrast. Oftentimes it is as simple as drinking a toast to the gods, ancestors or spirits of the land, and pouring something good to drink out by our little natural shrine. Often it doesn’t even involve asking for something specific, it’s not a business deal after all where you exchange goods for service – it’s forming of an honest bond, acknowledging Them, showing a bit of respect and welcoming Them. What exactly happens in the offering, the giving…. you most definitely have a point there in your interpretation. I wouldn’t say it is just about the object’s energy being passed on either, there is also an energy/power in the actual act of giving, I think. The essense of gift giving is often lost on people today but before? A gift creates a bond, builds a connection. Be it between living breathing humans or other beings, or perhaps even with the universe itself?


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