Re-assimilation of the Soul and the Mighty Dead

In many of our blogs we have discussed so far some of the tenets and beliefs about reincarnation that may be familiar in many traditions of Wicca.

One particular area that I wish to contemplate in this blog post is:  “When the learning is over and wheel of reincarnation into earthly bodies is over – do we ascend directly back into the Supreme Being or the Source of One Power or do more levels of learning exist in between?”

There are many reasons that I propose this idea here, and I guess it would be up to each Wiccan to decide and explore what they believe, but from my experience – so many levels of spiritual intelligences exist in the world and it is sometimes very overwhelming to be able to contemplate them all.

Many witches speak of the “Mighty Dead.”  In this theory, a possible belief could be that the spirit or the soul serves as one or many of the Mighty Dead that guard and help guide the coven or lineage in question for a period of time or until ______?

I can say that our coven does share the belief in the Mighty Dead, although we just call them “Guides.”  It is not uncommon for these guides to speak directly to new initiates or for them to show up at night during, before or after an initiation.

So is it possible that in the process of purification in the Summerlands that some departed Wiccans stick around a bit longer in order to make sure the coven continues in one form or another?  Do they favor or protect certain individuals in a coven?  I think many witches have in fact wondered about this or have experienced this possibility themselves and come up with their own determinations…. for now. (for as we know, as we all continue to learn more, our personal beliefs tend to evolve as well – this is part of the growth process) 

Another thing to contemplate is guardian angels.  Most people in America have a belief either in angels or just guardian angels, regardless if they subscribe to any particular religion or none at all.  Some folks claim that dearly departed family members, close friends and even pets have served as guardian angels: either in a short term problem or in other long term situations and ordeals.

Do some folks that have transitioned serve as guardian angels temporarily or as the Mighty Dead as a last incarnation before re-assimilation back into the Supreme Being, or do even more steps of reincarnation exist beyond earthly reincarnation?

What do you think?

I know I am constantly exploring and wandering about these topics myself.  It is an interesting ride of discovery and one that I am thankful for.

Blessed Be!


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