Apparitions & Astral Projection

Apparitions are commonly seen on popular television shows and movies that feature ghostly phenomena.  Many audio recording and video equipment may also be used in order to attempt to capture these phenomena at haunted houses or other places with paranormal happenings and reputations.

Some apparitions could be repetitions of events that were so wrought with emotion that the power released from those activities has implanted itself in a particular location.  Until the “juice” behind that manifestation runs out, it is thought this hot-spot of activity could continue to manifest itself over and over.

Other forms of apparitions could possibly be folks that have passed on (with or without the knowledge that they have) and gather enough strength to manifest themselves through various formats and ways in order to give us an important message to either stop something or to do something.

Many folks, time and time again, tell stories where so-and-so have appeared at the edge of their beds to warn them of grave danger.  Other times, they have appeared to give them just a little push of motivation to begin a project – particularly when they were faced with difficulties.

Does someone have to be deceased or of the dearly departed in order to appear before you as an apparition?

Through experience, some of us have found that apparitions of people that are still of the living have appeared to them.  This has occurred when strong “need” to contact someone arises and both parties are able to verify each other’s stories about what occurred.

It has been possible too that some have only heard the voice of folks reaching out – this could be more so described as telepathy.

But when full on appearance of a living, breathing person occurs and there is validation on both sides, then it could be full on astral projection occurring and not just telepathy.

There have been some folks that have dreamt about each other on the same night – and this has happened to me as well.  This may be more linked to astral projection than to an apparition that occurs when awake or on the borders of sleep/wake.

Have you experienced an apparition of someone either departed or still alive?  Share with us here what your experience was in the comments below if you can!


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