Candle Magic and a Candle Spell

Candle magic is widely popular.  Probably the majority of the spells in pop-culture witchcraft are candle spells.  We do use candle spells in coven as well from time to time, but there are other secret ways that traditional covens use to make group magic together teaching up to the techniques of magic that may be described by folks as the very heart of magic, or the “quintessence of magic” – but for doing a spell by yourself, candle magic is a nice way to stimulate the mind and create a space of mystery and magic.


I believe one of the reasons that candle magic is so popular is because of one of the occult virtues of candles that many folks may not even realize.  When a candle is conjured and charged, it becomes a “condenser of magic” that absorbs and holds what is put into it.  Everything about an unlit candle is magnetic.  That is why when we do a spell, we use new candles for each spell – discouraging the practice of using the same candle for multiple spells.   (The exception to this would be “astral candles” that represent you, “Mother candles” or “Sacred Flame” candles that represent the Supreme Being, or “Initiation Candles” that may be given at Initiation.) 

more candles angel box

There are many, many ways to charge up a candle…..  Typically, the most common of these are carving and oiling up candles.  With a carving knife or a bolline, it is easy to carve into wax of candle to write your wish on it.  Oiling with various magical oils or condenser fluids is a very powerful way for your own body’s magnestism to enter the oil that you place in your hands and anoint the candle in the traditional way.

A very interesting way to decorate and use candles can be found in Lady Rhea’s book “The Enchanted Candle” that includes decorating candles with oils and also with glitter in various colors to create seals and designs on pull-out 7-day jar candles.  She is the owner of a magical shop in the Bronx, and discovered her technique of candle decoration and making by accident when she worked with Herman Slater in “The Warlock Shop” which later became “The Magical Childe.”   All those years later, and still today, her technique has been very influential today, no matter if you are an initiate into a particular coven or non-initiate.   Many occult candle shops around the country today dress and carve candles in Lady Rhea’s method and may not even know where it started.

Useful Link:
Magickal Realms Inc., Lady Rhea’s Store

Now, to wrap up the conversion about the magnetic abilities of a candle…… Once the candle is lit, it becomes electric:  meaning it sends forth the energy that was placed into it at the chosen time when it is lit as the wax melts and transmutes into heat, light, flame, etc.

Many covens use secret ways to empower a candle in coven circle, and then wrapped up to be burned at a later time during the correct planetary or angelic hour of the day even.

Alright, now to the part you have been waiting for, which is an example of a spell.  This spell example given is a Money Spell for use if a bill or invoice will becoming due or is due, but first:  as always, a little disclaimer that no magic can replace hard work.  You must do the mundane actions that are necessary and no guaranteed results are implied.  If you are an experienced witch already, take what you need from this spell if you find any valuable insight to it:

Abundance Candle

You will need:

  1. A Green Candle – anointed with drawing or money drawing oil.
  2. Astral Candle – a candle in the color of your astrology sign, anointed with the appropriate astrological oil or even all-purpose zodiac oil.
  3. A $20.00 bill and some coins
  4. The bill or piece of paper with the amount of money that is needed to pay said bill.

On the table or altar, place to the farthest left the green money candle in a fire-safe candle holder, anointed and magnetized with the money drawing oil.

In the center of the table, place your astral candle, magnetized with your desire for the appropriate amount of money.  You can carve your name on to this candle to personalize it in any way that you wish.

Under the astral candle holder, place the bill you need the money to pay or a piece of paper with the amount of money written on it and what it is for.  This represents your current situation, and the astral candle is magnetized to “pull” in the energy needed, which in this case is the money.

Under the green money candle holder, place the $20.00 bill and the coins. This represents what you wish to draw in…money.

First, light your astral candle, speaking a few words such as,

“The money flows to me! The money flows to me! The money flows to me!”

Light the green money candle and say something to the effect of:

“Force of earth and force of flame, force of wind and force of sea, This witch’s breath is on the wind, money flow and come to me. As I will, so mote it be!”

Now slowly move the green money candle and money a few inches toward your astral candle.

At this time, you will want to count up to the amount of money needed, say in $20s.  So if you need $500 for a bill, you would count out loud while gently tapping the table with your right hand:

”twenty (tap), forty (tap), sixty (tap), eighty (tap), one hundred
(tap), one hundred twenty (tap)………….”

Then keep going until you get to that needed number.

If the amount if well in the thousands to collect, start with a $50.00 bill and count in intervals of $50 like above.  If the amount is much smaller, use a $10.00 bill and count in $10s.

Each day, repeat the spell – moving the green money candle a little closer and use the counting and tapping method described.

Once you are finished with the tapping and counting and concentrating your power, you may blow out the candles.

Obviously – the amount requested in this should be something that is needed and realistic to your potential.  You must know that it is possible that this money could flow to you.

If it is for amounts that are needed that are much further out of your reach, then other methods could be better employed than this one which is for a bill or something on a much simpler level.

I hope that you have enjoyed this interesting technique and I hope that it gives you inspiration in creating and writing your own spells.

Blessed Be!

*Note:  Candle burning can be a fire hazard.  Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for proper candle burning instructions. 


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