There is a wonderful little wild weed that grows throughout the country, and its name we are going to talk briefly about today is: Cinquefoil, or the Five-Finger-Grass.


Magically, it has great importance …. At least from the part of the country that I am from.  It grows many different places I imagine and has a number of different varieties and species.

So what have the Witches of Pennsylvania’s past said to do with this reputed herb?  What are its alleged uses in the art magical?

  1. In a small little bag, preferably red – carry a few pinches of this herb, either fresh or dried when asking anyone for a favor. This herb is alleged to encourage the other person to help grant you the favor you seek.
  2. It is also known as “The five-finger-grass” as it is alleged that it can grab on to anything the five fingers of your hand can. This would mean: money, health, friendship, good luck, success. (the five things seem to vary from person to person – depends on the witch who is telling the story about this plant.)

Either way, this little weed that most would deem useless does bring me a smile when I see it come up in the yard or the garden.  (Even though it seems to ONLY come up in the most strangest of places!)

Yes, some weeds are encouraged to grow by witches!  Haven’t you ever noticed a witch’s garden?  There usually seems to be a number of strange weeds that grow that are weirdly encouraged.

Blessed Be!


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