Council Cup

A particular place located in Luzerne County of Pennsylvania near the little town of Wapwallopen is called “Council Cup Overlook.”


This is a wonderful place for hiking and just enjoying nature.

This particular place has been special place where our covens had historically taught weather magic to initiates – control over the elements, how to “whistle up the wind” and call the rain, etc.


In August 2015, two covens in our tradition came together for a great hike up to the overlook which allows you to look down over a part of the Susquehanna River and also the mountain-landscapes – allowing one to observe about 30 miles of nature’s ultimate beauty.


I bet this location would be a fantastic hike in the fall to see all the fall leaves for many, many miles. It also would be equally beautiful to look down at the freshly covered snow in winter for many, many miles. But you know – places like this I think are probably very, very beautiful no matter what season you decide to visit.


How did Council Cup get it’s name? The old story goes that it received its name because Native peoples of the area used to have “Council” on the overlook. I can see why it was such a majestic place to them. It is just as sacred to us today as it was for them at that time.


I hope that you all enjoy the pictures, and if you decide to visit, please keep the area beautiful by not littering. One Priestess in our group was kind enough to pick up half-used water bottles and caps that people tossed aside. It was remarkably kind of her to do so, so that way visits by other folks to this majestic place isn’t tainted by the sight of bottles and trash everywhere.


The same goes for any sacred site. There is no need to take anything from those sites except the memories you hold in your heart for Nature’s beauty.

Blessed Be!

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4 thoughts on “Council Cup”

  1. Beautiful sacrid place and it is a shame that it was allowed to be sold to a private owner and not kept as a historical site.
    Indian spirits can get awfully angry…


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