A Circle in a Hurry & the Witches’ Cingulum

As witches, we can cast a magic circle anywhere we need to in order to do ritual magic or celebrate a festival of our religion.


Our “temple” is portable.  It could be in a clearing in the woods, a spare bedroom, an attic, a separate building, a garage, the backyard or anywhere that is deemed a suitable space by members of the coven.


We also can cast a quick circle anywhere when we need to.  If we need to cast a circle in an emergency situation and the rest of the coven is not available, we have a great tool that is able to help us with that: the witches cingulum! (Also could be known as a binding cord or “witches’ girdle.”)


In our coven, our “cord” is called a cingulum, and while that is the traditional name passed down to us – I’ve found it is not a name used by many other witches.

There are many different types of cords and cingulums used in witchcraft and this little blog is not meant to go into describing all of them, it is meant to give you an idea that may be a useful tool.

To create a quick “circle in a hurry” for solitary use – take your cingulum (or Witches Cord) and form a circle on the ground with it surrounding you.  Bare your athame around the cord, conjuring that circle of power!

That my friend is a quick circle in a hurry for emergency uses that can be utilized.  It is not a very practical use for coven or even for solitary use very often, but it can be utilized in times of crisis or emergency.

Blessed Be!


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