Dreaming about Someone?

Have you been dreaming about Someone?

I think many folks dream about other people they know personally in their life all the time.  But does that mean every single person you’ve dreamt about equate to a premonition of the future?

In my own person experience: I don’t think so.

I have asked a relative of mine in order to seek validation of how she may know that a dream is a premonition or not.  She told me that she could tell by how vivid they are – remembering many, many details.  In some ways – she is more awake at that time and on the borders of waking and sleeping.  Lastly, she feels very overwhelmed by it –with the feelings that she must do something such as warn the person.

So what about the dreams of folks that are not premonitions?

In my personal opinion, these folks may just represent something to you or they were just heavily on your mind before sleep.  Remember, no memories are ever forgotten, but locked somewhere in our brains that may be accessed when you least expect it.

If you are having too much trouble sleeping, it is always recommended you seek professional help from a doctor and/or therapist in order to get some things worked out which could be chemical or signal a serious medical condition.  Something that I have noticed is if I go to bed with a stomach ache, my dreams might be more so of a nightmare nature.  There must be a connection between the feelings of the stomach and what happens in the subconscious mind when sleeping.


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