Necromancy and the Dumb Supper

The Dumb Supper is a form of group necromancy where the spirits of the dearly departed are set out a special meal (and a meal for yourself too) and is partaken of in silence in order to commune with our dearly departed.


The meal itself may be very light or sparse, for what to ghosts eat?

The tradition itself goes way back and was apparently very popular among young, un-married ladies who would perform the Dumb Supper in order to be whispered the name of their future husband or his occupation.  Typically today, we do not do so for such purposes, but it is still possible to do so if you like.

In some covens, necromancy rituals are performed for 13 nights in a row to summon the appropriate and correct spirits.  This is done to ensure they will be present in our rites. (although we do not do this every year.)

If you and your own covens wish to hold your own Dumb Supper, keep these two possible recommendations in mind: Typically you will not salt the food you prepare for the meal.  It is also recommended not to serve any kind of meat for the meal.

The Reasons?

Salt is a preservative and connected to life.

Because it is a form of working with the Dead – it is possible that other spiritual entities could be close by or attracted to it.  We’re not asked or required to be vegetarians in any sense; but cooked, fresh or decaying meat of any type could attract and pulls in the wrong type of spiritual intelligence.  It is also not a good idea in this ritual to wear leather products either.


The meal itself should be performed and eaten in complete silence so you may be open and listening for possible messages from those you prepared the meal for.  Music may accompany the proceedings, but not the television.

Happy Halloween and Blessed Be!


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