Scrying, plus one strange tale…

Some witches, mediums and psychics like to use the ancient art of scrying: whether into a mirror, a crystal ball, even the flames of a fire or within incense smoke.  Sometimes even the lay practitioner likes to try their hand at this ancient art as well.


Here are some of my methods of scrying that I can share with you….

Mirror scrying – into a black or darkened mirror, is probably the easiest way to get started with this, and easier than using a crystal ball.  To practice this or try to see if this is a power that you can develop (Remember, each witch has their own skills and talents…. Scrying may or may not be your thing.), in a darkened room that is lit by one or two candles in safe candle holders on a table behind you, look into a darkened mirror.

Some instructions recommend flanking the mirror itself with two illuminator candles, but for the person new to scrying – these two candles in front of your face seem to be distractions and take away for the experience.  It is best to eliminate distractions around you, and one of the reasons most folks do this in the evening after the sun has set.  Once you master this method, you can proceed to the witchier methods of placing the scrying object within the triangle of manifestation, flanked by two candles.

Once you are looking into the mirror, do not focus your eyes, just gently let them fall on the mirror.  Keep them still, and keep your body still, and slowly – you will notice  the mirror begin to cloud over – swirling clouds will appear and eventually: images will appear.

I should have also stated at the beginning, but I guess I will put this in here now:  It may take you a few minutes or so to get into a comfortable position within the magic circle.  In Wicca, we recommend you scry within the magic circle…… You may even want to move your altar closer to the North for this session and then erect a separate altar and have a chair close by where you can sit comfortably so as not to be distracted by discomfort from standing, or strange positions sitting on the floor – unless you are comfortable on the floor in various yoga positions.  (I am sometimes comfortable on the floor – but I also like yoga.)

Okay, I am sorry for the sidebar talk – back to the show…

For many folks, after the first few times they may see the swirling clouds and it will surprise them and they will try to focus their eyes out of habit – which means they will then lose the visions or images that come after the swirling cloud effect.  The trick is not to be too hard on yourself.  If you lost it twice in a row – stop – and try again the next night, or at next week’s coven meeting.

I’ve found that if you are too hard on yourself, you’ll never get anywhere with it. It must come out naturally.  Psychic phenomenon does not function well in a sterile laboratory.  It must be anchored in the functional, mundane reality.

Crystal balls are very, very cool….. but I recommend you start with the darkened mirror first.  Crystal balls are the next step up.

Another method of scrying that seems to function well with friends or even your whole coven is fire scrying – and no, I’m not talking about the flames of a raging bonfire, I’m talking about the hot bed of coals after a bonfire is almost out.

If you and your coven enjoy a great summer bonfire, after about 4-5 hours, if you spread out the left-over hot coals or medium sized pieces of wood so most of the flames are extinguished but have a nice bed of coals still going, you will be able to view the amazing images that form as the coals glow and jump around from coal to coal, glowing constantly and moving shapes!  Some of the glow will stay pretty static and almost pulse and some will jump around.  You may begin to notice through this form of scrying that letters, animals, names, people, cars, etc. begin to form and take prominent placement.

I must say that at times, group scrying can be very distracting, which is why a coven works sooooo hard to bond and develop a level of comfort with each other which limits this distraction, but for some reason….. using this coal method of scrying sems to be effective when the level of comfort is still being formed, almost even from the very beginning!  Most of the time when we engage in this type of scrying, we will speak out loud what we see and this does not seem to distract others from scrying.  If someone is currently seeing something else form in the coals, it won’t distract them, but what they said will still register somewhere in their minds…. For those who haven’t seen the images yet, they may then try to see if they can see what the other person is seeing, which sometimes helps them to develop this as well.

This is a very primitive way of scrying, and I can almost see in my mind’s eye that early human was probably amazed at this process…  For thousands of years, many folks all over the world needed to tend to the fire in their hearth in order to survive the cold and for cooking of food, so this has to be one of those methods that must be ingrained somewhere in the DNA memory possibly.


In the Horsa Tradition and in our teachings, we are taught a huge amount of psychic skills, written and unwritten, and it is not uncommon even after initiation to be able to pick up on a few tricks that others in the coven, or your intiatior also is able to do – so one method my teacher taught me that was different than I have read before was that of using an egg shell. (I believe this a method she was inspired to try out for herself and had created.) She said she always would wash out the shell of one or two eggs from time to time because she would put the open half of the shell up to her ear in the kitchen in order to listen psychically to the conversation of other people at a distance – sometimes, while even sitting on the kitchen floor.  (I guess this technique could be similar to putting a seashell up to your ear to hear the ocean?)

The reason that so much psychic training is used is because the better the psychic, the better the witch, but as I have said before:  each person has their own talents that have to be brought out and certain methods may not appeal or work for everyone.

Now to wrap up with a strange story……

When thinking of a whole lot of nothing getting ready one morning a number of years ago, sometimes it is very easy to stare blankly (without focus) into a hanging bath towel and see people, spirits, and faces.  Sometimes this scrying can even be a little annoying because it distracts you and you end up in the bathroom longer than anticipated – so if you hear a knock, focus your vision and finish up!

Blessed Be!


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