Your first Psychic Steps

Have you ever felt someone was watching you and felt the need to look behind you to see whom it was?  This phenomenon happens every day and most likely has happened to everyone at times.

crystal ball

This astral magnestism reaches out to another person and almost compels them to look.  You look because you were compelled to look.  Magnetism that left your body reached out to the other person’s body.  Without that magnetism and power, that has a fluid-like nature, this phenomenon couldn’t happen, and it is vital to master if you wish to become a witch.

One of the first psychic activities we ask our seekers to try to master is to stare at the back of a person’s neck.  Just bare into it with your eyes and give the mental command:

“Turn around – I need you to look at me.”  (and do so with a curious-desire in mind)

This “desire” or “need,” sets up a “widdershins” flow of energy.  What does this method do?  It attracts unto itself.  In order to attract, your body’s own power must be able to reach out and touch things.

To start, start from a closer distance to the person.  The more powerful you become, the easier it will be to do this at a further distance.

Why does this act of compelling work so well at the neck instead of when looking straight ahead at the person?   The reason is because magically, the person’s back – particularly the spine, is very psychically receptive.  It can pick up on things and this is true for many other mammals as well.

If you have ever watched deer, cattle and horses for example – if they are facing the opposite direction and you happen to be behind them from a further off and safe distance (No selfie with the cows please!), they will turn their heads and not their entire bodies – leaving their backsides facing you. (I have watched this with cattle myself)  They seem to be able to pick up the sense if their is danger that way.

We as people seem to pick up if danger is behind us too when our back is turned.  Some folks even describe this as a prickling of the tiny hairs on the back of the neck.  The more exposed the skin on the back is, the better we are able to pick up on the subtle vibrations and impressions of folks in the air around us.  Those who are psychic to this, don’t need to turn around, they can feel it without looking.

The reason we say the base of the neck to practice instead of the base of the spine is because if the skin is exposed in that area, you will have more success on your practice runs.

Blessed Be!


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