Hypnotism & Magnetism

When creating a Cone of Power, the thought-form created in some ways may possibly be described by some as a form of long-range hypnosis on a grander level.


The exact ways this is done could never be revealed on the blog here because those are oath-bound mysteries revealed to initiates because it can only be perfected through solid group work in private, but I can at least give you a good description here with a brief quote from an excellent book titled:  “Practical Lessons in Hypnotism and Magnetism,” by L.W. DeLaurence, published in 1937 by: The de Laurence Company:

“This subtle, silent, intangible psychic or soul force (Hypnotic Influence), is the power that has been conserved to the use of the strong minded; and when concentrated, and projected by the will with a combative, subduing, or controlling intent, it becomes the magic wand…..”

While we can’t reveal all things here, as it would be impossible to do since witchcraft is experiential, we can at least leave bread crumbs of information…… It is you, my dear reader, that must open the door to wisdom and ferret this information out.

You, dear reader, may even have some interesting stories to share about Hypnosis.  The mind indeed, is an interesting thing.  And in future blogs, I am hoping that we can dig further into hypnotism and hypnosis.

I know this is a particular book (pictures above) is one that I find interesting, along with other de Laurence books that used to be more commonplace in the occult world than they are today.  But there are those of us that come from old coven lines that remember.

Studies within this book related to understanding magnetism are also very good, discussing the subtle energy that is released from the body.

Hypnotism is quite an interesting subject and one that is closely related to witchcraft.

Blessed Be!


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