Rite of Passage

In order to assist a soul cross over at the time of death, those of the Wicca (and those not of the Wicca – but other witchcraft traditions) have a number of rituals called “Crossings.” Our coven does this process as well, but our old rituals from the New Forest of England for this process is called something else and we actually have two: The first is called, “Rite of Passage” and the second is called “Rite of Transition.”


Even though the wording and rituals may be different, the purpose is the same.

Sometimes when death occurs, pieces of the soul can be left behind and are prevented from passing on to the next level. Wiccans of our coven feel it is our duty to help these spirits when we are able to assist with passage and transition.

Some practices in other traditions view the passage as the final initiation.  I also like the term “graduation” that was used in an video interview online by Yvonne Frost.

Thinking about these rituals, beliefs and traditions of the Wicca helps us to understand the inevitability of death so that we can help the grieving loved ones still on the earth plane.

A few months ago, a witch that is learning in our coven and studying for initiation into “the Wica” *yes, it is one “c” on purpose* (and she also runs a coven of her own) rushed home after work to do a peaceful crossing for her close friend that was passing from a battle with cancer. This is a brief synopsis of her story as she did what she could to comfort the transition of her dear friend’s soul as it progressed to the Summerlands. The names have been taken out to protect the identities, and the photo above that has the face in the red orb at the top of this blog. Here is what she had to say about it and the experience:

“Our group had been doing long distance healing on a friend whose body had been riddled with cancer. We worked for months to keep (G***) comfortable. On April 10th 2015 my friend (K**) contacted me and said it won’t be long now. I raced home from work, and fired up my altar. Now I was working for a peaceful crossing. At the same time I was doing my working, G*** crossed the veil between the worlds. In this photo of my altar if you look at the red orb, it looks as though there is a face in the orb. To me this was G*** crossing peacefully to the other side.”

-experience, story and photo shared by Lilith. 

Thank you for sharing so we can put it on our coven blog. Rest in peace G***, and grow young again in the Summerlands so that you may join again with those whom you loved and were loved by.  Blessed Be! 


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