The Witches’ Séance

*This is a first of a series of articles related to Psychic Phenomena, Reincarnation and other spiritual pursuits that are of interest to our coven in the work to explore the unknown and the paranormal.  As we approach the Halloween season, we thought it would be appropriate to write about these topics now.  Further articles will be posted on the blog page on “Spiritualism and Psychic Phenomena” so that you may read at your leisure.  Please note that not all Wiccans are interested in exploring further into mediumship and psychic phenomena, though some are.  Each Wiccan has their own spiritual gifts they explore in time.  Enjoy!


The other day I was meeting with a few witches that I know and all of a sudden, I started purring my lips repeatedly.  I was just in the moment and not thinking or concentrating on anything in particular when I started to do this, and it is something I have never just sat and did.  Standing across from me was another Wiccan that said, “Oh my god, my husband does that all the time.  It’s like I can’t get away from him!”

The last comment she said was in a jokey manner with no ill-will against her husband, just something she was surprised at.  But the question is, someone standing so close to you, what causes you to pick up on these subtle vibrations of things you would never know about people?

Full on mediumship is truly a gift in all actuality and it is possible that maybe more folks have the potential to develop this further than they may even realize.  Some may work over time to bring this out, or it may just come natural to them.

Most folks typically have some way of sensing or feeling the presence of spiritual presences if they truly think about it – whether it be through sight, hearing or feeling, but many folks don’t pay attention to this.  This may be to varying degrees in some individuals and may happen sometimes frequently, or even only a few times in their lives.

There are different levels of psychic ability.  Not all folks are born to be a basketball player on a professional level, just as not all folks are born with great psychic abilities.  We all have various layers of proficiency.


Also, just because one is psychic or a medium does not mean they will pick up on every single thought or presence.  We can’t all be “tuned in” all the time, 24 hours per day.

First and foremost, there are many types of mediumship abilities.  Not all folks function as a medium using the exact same methods.  Some actually perform a couple different forms of mediumship and some can only perform one.  Failure in this type of training could be when you decide to replicate exactly what other folks are doing, rather than allowing your own natural talents to just come out!

Probably the most known form is where a combination of various kinds of manifestations are asked for:  this could be table raps, levitation, table tipping, clanking chains and also objects moving around by the departed.  The reason this variety is the most known is most likely because that is typically what we see in pop-culture; such as in books, television, movies, etc.  It is a valid form of mediumship and can occur during a séance, but it is not the be-all, end-all of mediumship.

Probably the second most known form of mediumship involves the use of talking boards and/or automatic writing.  Popular makers and manufactures of “Ouija” brand boards have made best-selling boards that were made popular by the rise of Spiritualism in 19th century America – typically the hype that was generated in the various Northeastern states of the U.S.


Automatic writing has a lot of popularity as well and various implements, contraptions and products have been created in order to assist someone when doing automatic writing.

As a side note: a clever way to create a spirit board if you don’t have one handy, made or purchased  is to take 28 little pieces of paper and write out all the letters along with a yes and a no – one on each sheet.  Take these letters and spread them out in a 2-3 foot circle, either on a round table or even on a hardwood floor.

Now place a rum glass tumbler, drinking side down, and use that as the medium that all place their fingers on.  This format could be a way to do one spontaneously if you do not have a spirit board handy, although it does take away from the romanticized feelings of the popular manufactured variety or even the extraordinarily beautiful varieties that can be purchased online that are handmade, especially through various etsy shops or from local occult stores.

Today, we also have events like “Ouija-Con” which takes place at the birthplace of Ouija each year – in Baltimore, Maryland that drew some of the most well-known names in ghost-hunting and the paranormal.  More information can be found at the Talking Board Historical Society’s website at:

The third variety I am listing is probably most likely tied in second place because of the popular movies like “Ghost” and others.  This is the form of mediumship where voice tone and inflection changes, sometimes even with the medium speaking in different languages, such as French, Spanish, etc., with the medium sometimes having no working recollection of the language itself or what was said.

One method of mediumship I find the most fascinating is healing through mediumship.  In this method, healing is alleged to occur through the medium by the intercession of the dearly departed.  Typically, this happens through touch.  The medium may or may not even know that their relatives have manifested themselves through the medium in order to provide the healing.  This one, most likely, might not be a taught version and could possibly be a talent one is born with – but like most things in the paranormal: we just might not be certain.

Probably the most common form of mediumship that is sought out today works through a combination of clairaudient (audial) and clairvoyant (seeing) abilities and occasionally through touch (psychic perception through touching an artifact or item that was once owned by someone else) as well.  Typically when you visit a medium, these three are the base methods of communication which gives the client the most time spent communicating with your loved ones – whereas other forms can typically be a little more hit or miss, depending on various factors that could be at play.


During the typical style mediumship reading, the dearly departed will come to the medium and even on occasion, before the client(s) even arrive.  Typically, the deceased will work through clairaudience by speaking phrases that only the client may possibly know.  It is very hard to receive full, complete sentences because that is not how the translation comes through when these energies are involved.

Also occasionally, either the departed will communicate by showing pictures or images that mean something to the client.

Another thing that a medium may experience in this common session is sensations on their body, which may even include pain in the part of the body that the deceased has died from – the deceased trying to show the medium how they died.   It is a way of communicating to the client what they went through and maybe even provide confirmation to the client.

Another form of mediumship in our technology age would be the use of “ghost hunting” devices such as cameras, evps, voice recorders and the many other forms of technology available to those interested.

A regular digital camera can go a long way in catching orbs, colors and ectoplasm that may not always be detectable to the naked eye.  Some claim varying ranges of success even when using cellular phones!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a very short drive from our covenstead, so many trips are made there throughout the year and being probably the most haunted town in America, Gettysburg has many specialty shops in which you can purchase ghost-hunting equipment like the ones you see on television shows quite frequently.

Various ghost hunting tours are available all over Gettysburg for those who would like to learn the lay of the land.

Yes, Gettysburg Pennsylvania is a Mother-Land of ghost hunting.

There are other forms of mediumship that can manifest, such as painting and poetry.  This can also come through composers as well.  Singers and songwriters of pop-culture have even claimed to have received songs through the helping hand of the dearly departed and/or other spiritual intellegences.  This is the same for folks that do paintings and art – an interesting twist to automatic writing!

Another brief form to describe is spiritual manifestations.  In a place that is reputed to be haunted, certain instruments can be utilized in order to aid the medium and all present to see physical manifestations.  An example of this would be through burning incense, the use of scrying through dark mirrors and crystal balls and other items that could be utilized.

How a coven could conduct a witches’ séance:

Your best bet is to have at least 3 or more folks of like mind to conduct the séance with.  As your coven advances and becomes more comfortable with each other, it could be an activity for the fall and winter months when the dearly departed may be easier to contact.

At least one witch should have mediumistic abilities within this circle.  If more in the coven do, then great!  Some in the coven may also have more of an interest in leading these sessions as well, and it may not always be the High Priestess in this case.

It is best to conduct the session at night with all comfortably sitting around the table and working by candlelight.  You can burn some incense if you like.

Hands should be placed on top of the table ….. and you can let the session to begin!  Don’t be surprised if someone’s dearly departed comes to see you before the session even begins!  For some reason, spiritual intelligences seem to know we are about to something before we even do it.

Good luck and Blessed Be!



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