The New, New Forest – Penn’s Woods

Our coven extends from a Mother Coven located in the New Forest of England.  I guess it is appropriate that our coven is located in Pennsylvania – also known as “Penn’s Woods.”

Midsummer 2010 - Pic 1






In remembrance of a magical ritual performed years ago and the beauty of that ritual that was performed with love and trust in mind; I have written the following poem to recount and give honor to that day in hopes that it will inspire others that are beginning their craft in order to help you visualize the spirit of a Wiccan ritual outdoors:

Midsummer 2008 - Pic 1

 “A bright lit forest of golden hue
and skin that shined of azure-blue
was the theme one day, yet a lifetime ago
this memory I have and recall, I know –
Was born one day with good intent
and sent spirit soaring, heaven bent
and curling smoke and herb-scented fire
weaving and crafting my hidden desire!
To ascend, to become, to be at one,
As I will it, so be it done!
I left that woods, and much had changed,
A call from the depths, unknown, unnamed.
Now that place is so different, I don’t recognize it,
And that is because, no one will find it.”

Midsummer 2008 - Pic 2


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