The Art of Simplicity

Witches ever work to keep life simple.  We know that life itself is simple; it is “us” as people that complicate life.

Healing Candle

The wisest of witches live uncomplicated lives.  It isn’t because they are out of touch, it is because they realize the most powerful things in nature are often the most simple, and yet, the most profound and have chosen to order their lives in a way to remove excesses if possible in order to save time and energy – so energy may be used wisely: Reserving power so that it may be put to good use toward a goal or target when it is needed and necessary.

The earth has for itself a finite amount of resources and we know we can’t continue to live on this planet under the delusion that everything is infinite.  Animal species go extinct more often than we realize, and this does not make headlines.

The amount of “wants” in all our lives are truly endless and can never be completely satisfied, but our needs are few: Flax, Flaggs, Fodder & Frigg! (For those in the know who know what these four F’s of the Great Goddess mean!)

candle petitionsA favorite quote of mine that I repeat often that was spoken by Ralph Waldo Emerson is appropriate for this post:

“If I can’t do great things, let me do small things in a great way…..”



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